Welcome to NHS Accountants Coach


If we don’t know one another, let me firstly introduce myself.

I am Chris Brown, founder and owner of NHS Accountants Coach, Executive Coach, Mentor, speaker, writer and careers management specialist. I am a former NHS Finance Director who is also qualified and experienced as an Executive Coach and Mentor.

I tailor my services to meet the specific needs of Finance people working in the NHS.

In particular, I love to work with:

  • Middle managers, i.e. Agenda for Change bands 6, 7, and 8a. I feel that people at this level have issues that are really poorly understood within NHS organisations. If this is you, or if you line manage people at this level, then the ‘Middle Managers’ page of this site is particularly for you.
  • Aspiring Finance Directors or Chief Finance Officers. If you aspire to make this ultimate career move within the next 12 months, then see how I can help on the ‘Aspiring FDs/ CFOs’ page of this site.
  • New Finance Directors and Chief Finance Officers who want to quickly bed themselves into their new role. If this is you, then the ‘New FDs/ CFOs’ page is for you.
  • Experienced FDs/ CFOs, who have particular issues they would like professional support on, from someone who understands their world. If this is you, then take a look at the ‘Experienced FDs/ CFOs’ page of this site.