Aspiring FDs/ CFOs

I well recall the feelings I had when I was at this stage in my career.

I had seen other colleagues make the step up to becoming FD and wanted to test out whether I could do the same.  Having got so close, I also wanted the satisfaction of feeling I had achieved the ultimate career goal for an NHS Finance professional.  I had the ambition to make this step, but must confess that I also had some self-doubt. I think this came from not quite knowing whether there may be aspects of the FD role that I wasn’t adequately prepared for.

Now, as an experienced and successful former NHS FD, and also a qualified and experienced coach and mentor, and careers management specialist, I am uniquely placed to help you achieve your ambitions.

Like I was, you may also be frustrated at having seen people you trained with and other colleagues get to FD/ CFO before you, and feel you have what it takes to get there as your next move.

I will not only help you get the job, but also provide you with key lessons that I learnt in my career to ensure your success in the role.  All this without having to do anything that makes you feel even the slightest bit uncomfortable.  This is about helping you discover the best version of yourself, not trying to turn you into someone else!!

This will enable you to get that sense of achievement and pride, and the admiration of your friends and loved ones, that goes with reaching the ‘top of your professional tree’.

If this resonates with you, then you have the choice of either:
• Accepting the status quo, staying within your comfort zone, and then maybe living to regret that you didn’t push it further to discover exactly what you ARE capable of; or
• Deciding TODAY to note any fears you may have and just “go for it” anyway.

If your choice is to take action, I would love to hear from you. As your first action, go to the ‘Contact Me’ page of this site and send me a message NOW.

Working together we will give you a decided edge over the competition.

So as your first step to getting that edge, and the feelings of achievement and pride that go with it, go to the ‘Contact Me’ page of this site and send me a message NOW.