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Make a Real Difference in the Post-Reform, Post-Francis NHS

The preparatory period for the implementation of the NHS Reforms has been characterised by many challenges.  Some examples are reduced running cost envelopes; the continued drive to achieve QIPP requirements; the inquiry into the unacceptable patient care at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust ans subsequent release of the Francis report; and the announcement of the Keogh Review into worrying mortality rates at 14 NHS Hospitals.  All in all this has been a very difficult time for the NHS and its staff.  Finance staff have had significant challenges, not only in terms of worrying about their future, but also as they often seem to be the ones who people look to when it comes to actually making things work.

1 April 2013 has now past and the Reforms have gone live.  However, there is nothing more certain than the fact that many of the challenges of the preparatory period are here to stay and need to be embraced.  Below are ten practical tips to help Finance teams ‘make a real difference’ in the new NHS. Continue reading