Experienced FDs/ CFOs

If you are an experienced FD/ CFO, you may well be finding your current circumstances very challenging. Many FDs/ CFOs are at present, so you are certainly not alone in this!!

There are many challenges that FDs/ CFOs face, e.g.

  • Getting Boards/ Governing Bodies engaged in financial issues
  • Rising activity/ costs
  • Tariff not compensating for rising costs
  • Engaging clinicians
  • CIP/ QIPP requirements rising to unmanageable levels
  • Relationships with any or all of CEOs/ Chairs/ Clinicians/ Boards/ Governing Bodies (delete as applicable!!)
  • Influencing the organisation
  • In certain cases, balancing input into more than one organisation
  • Demands of Monitor, NHS England or other regulators 

Most would agree that these demands are greater than they have ever been and, in general, getting worse rather than better. Collectively this can be a real drain on the FD/ CFO, who has often been the person the Board/ Governing Body have relied on to make sense of things, to make them work.

They often feel that the burden of financial pressures is resting solely on their shoulders, that others are looking to them to resolve financial problems.

It is therefore important that FDs/ CFOs have time to consider their issues in a safe, confidential setting with appropriate professional support. Among other things this will help them place responsibility for the financial position where it properly belongs – with the Board/ Governing Body – whilst increasing the FD/ CFO’s gravitas within their organisation.

FDs/ CFOs experiencing issues such as those mentioned above should ask themselves:

“If I continue as I am, how will my issues resolve themselves?”
“Will they get better or worse?”
“What could be the impact on my wellbeing?”
“What impact might there be on my personal life?”
“Are these risks worth taking?”

In the light of the answers to the above:

“How long am I prepared to tolerate these issues for?”

The choice is always yours, but if your answer is that you are NOT prepared to tolerate your current circumstances ANY LONGER, then I would love to hear from you.

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