New FDs/ CFOs

As a new FD/ CFO, your natural pride at have reached these ‘giddy heights’ is often then overtaken by feelings of trepidation. I remember when I was in that situation, I seemed to want to compare myself to others all the time.

I was concerned about what everyone thought of me – my staff, Chief Executive, Board, and fellow FDs (particularly the more experienced ones!).

I also thought about which FDs I should try and be like and tried not to be seen to be trying to copy FDs I had previously worked for!

These are very natural feelings that most new FDs/ CFOs experience, but you need to emerge from the shadows of other people’s views of you and become an excellent FD/ CFO in your own right.

As I have been through this process and went on to become a highly successful FD, and am now a qualified and experienced coach and mentor, I am very well positioned to work through this process with you.

Working together, we will quickly transform you into an experienced FD/ CFO, who will command respect from colleagues, staff, your Board/ Governing Body, and fellow FDs/ CFOs alike.

More importantly, in doing this you will not be expected to become anyone else, but to discover your own personal style as an FD/ CFO.

If this is you, then you have the choice of either:

  • Staying as you are. You will undoubtedly gain experience as you go, but you will gain this by trial and error over a long period. You may learn many bitter lessons along the way, which is undoubtedly one way of doing it, though it may be a long drawn out one (and potentially costly for you personally); or
  • You can decide TODAY to take action to short cut this process by enlisting support, in a confidential and safe environment, from someone who has been there, done it, etc.• 

If your choice is to take action, I would love to hear from you.  As your first action, go to the ‘Contact Me’ page of this site and send me a message NOW.

You will learn how the best FDs/ CFOs focus their efforts and determine how YOU will apply this in a way consistent with who YOU are as an FD/ CFO.

This will transform you into an experienced FD/ CFO quicker than you would believe possible.

As the first step towards your transformation, go to the ‘Contact Me’ page of this site and send me a message NOW.