Due to client confidentiality issues, I do not routinely seek testimonials from clients.  The following have however been provided to me.  I hope that they tell potential clients something about my credibility as an NHS Finance professional, a Coach and a Mentor.

Finance Manager, NHS Foundation Trust, South East

“Working with Chris was the best and most valuable learning and development opportunity that I’ve undertaken and I would highly recommend it”

Cheryl Hobson, Chief Finance Officer, Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group

“I have worked with Chris Brown since shortly after being appointed to my current role. As a result I am much more productive, clearer in my thinking, and far more influential in my organisation. In all kinds of ways, my level of performance is higher through working with Chris than I would achieve without his support.

If you are serious about finding out how good you can really be, then I would strongly recommend that you contact Chris.”

Paul Kingan, Chief Finance Officer, West Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group

“When I was first appointed to my CFO role, I must admit I was somewhat nervous about what the future may hold. My first instinct was to seek some informal mentoring support from an experienced CFO/FD from another Trust (I had done this sort of thing previously). My Chief Officer however wanted me to seek the support of a professional coach.

Whilst I was somewhat sceptical about this, I rang Chris Brown as someone who seemed to combine the best of both worlds – a professional coach who was an experienced and successful NHS Finance Director by background. I therefore signed up for his “Recipe for Success as a Chief Finance Officer” programme.

During the period of our coaching sessions I cannot believe the progress I have made! The best way I can describe it is that I don’t feel like a new CFO any more.

I had 12 sessions with Chris under this programme. During the first 6, it was all about him effectively tutoring me on “the art of being a CFO/FD” from his unique perspective. Every one made perfect sense to me and I immediately took them on board. The latter 6 sessions were more about me taking practical issues to the sessions and him coaching me to come up with my own solutions.

In summary, I would thoroughly recommend Chris’ services to anyone who is serious about their professional development. He is a truly professional coach who, through his background and insights, understands NHS Finance people’s issues like no-one else. The range of skills he brings to the table is so much more powerful than could be expected from someone who is just “the experienced FD from down the road.”

Graham Gornall, Managing Director Business Services, Calderstones Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

“I enlisted Chris’ support to accelerate my management team’s development following an unprecedented period of growth in our customer base.  I knew Chris in his former Director of Finance role and I felt that his knowledge of the NHS could be of considerable benefit to us.  What I didn’t know however was what to expect in terms of his coaching style.  Over a two-month period he engaged my managers brilliantly, completely winning their confidence right from the off, and working with them to produce an agreed action plan which addresses key requirements of our strategic plan.  He also helped us implement processes to engage our staff in continuously improving what we do.

In summary, my message to any colleague wanting to really accelerate their team’s development would be that Chris Brown is an excellent coach, he really uses his understanding of NHS people and issues to best effect, and everything he does is professional and to a high standard.  I would highly recommend his services.”

Ann Lucas, Programme Management Office Director, Wirral University Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“I would highly recommend Chris as a coach.  He contributes his expert knowledge as an ex Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Finance with expert coaching skills to create amazing results for the coachee.  Chris has a style that makes people feel at ease instantly and has personal experience of many of the issues that Finance professionals will bring to coaching.  Coaching is a very powerful tool that gets the individuals to where they want to be far quicker than if they worked on their own, and Chris offers a unique service to help them do this.  Very empowering!”

Lilia Secrier, Credit Controller, Ralawise Limited

“I was privileged to attend an ACCA event, with Chris Brown as the speaker, on “Taking Charge of Your Career in Uncertain Times”.  The content was brilliant and he really got the audience involved – the room was buzzing!  After the event I contacted Chris and asked him if he wouldn’t mind doing a critique of my CV.  He gave me some really good advice on how to improve it which I implemented to the letter.  JUST A COUPLE OF MONTHS LATER I HAVE GOT THE NEW JOB I HAD BEEN LOOKING FOR.  I would certainly recommend Chris to anyone who wants to advance their career.  Many thanks!”

Dr Amanda Doyle OBE,  Chief Clinical Officer, Blackpool Clinical Commissioning Group

“I have known Chris Brown since the mid-1990s and worked closely with him since 2002.  I would strongly endorse him as an excellent Finance professional and corporate director.  Any new or aspiring Chief Finance Officer could do no better than to tap into Chris’ experience and to use him as a role model of what a CFO ought to be in the new world.

Chris was also particularly effective at partnership working, being very highly regarded by clinicians and other local partners.  This strongly contributed to some of Blackpool’s best work on integration.”

Dr Arif Rajpura, Director of Public Health Blackpool

“Chris and I worked together at Executive Director level for NHS Blackpool.  Chris was always more than an Accountant, working hard with partner organisations and myself as Director of Public Health to improve the health of one of the most challenging areas in the country.  He consistently delivered financial balance and importantly improved health and healthcare services.”

Jonathan Hale, Director at Finnamore Ltd

“Chris has integrity, insight, is hard working, incisive and fun to work with.  As a Finance Director he gained extensive experience of working collaboratively with a wide range of stakeholders and was passionate about improving integrated care across the NHS and social care.  Whilst rigorous and tough, he had an engaging and empathetic style with both his staff and colleagues. He has an effective coaching style which he used to support the development of his staff.  Chris is a good role model for aspiring CFOs.”

Richard Emmess, former Director of Corporate Affairs, NHS Blackpool

“I worked with Chris since the mid 1990s and can vouch for his commitment, professionalism and drive.  Chris has always taken great interest in the wellbeing of his colleagues and is genuinely interested in assisting people progress to their full potential.  His knowledge of NHS Finance is unsurpassed in my experience as is his managing major PFI and capital projects.” 

Mike Bullock, former Asst Chief Executive Fylde Primary Care Trust and Chair of Blackpool Advocacy Service